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Why food packaging matters

The SKZ Plastics Center has awarded the "Premium Partner Education" prize for the fourth time. The award for the year 2023 went to Dr. Ulrich Röhr, whose professional support made it possible to establish and offer courses in the field of food packaging at the SKZ. Because one thing is clear: packaging brings great benefits.

Packaging is better than its reputation. Plastic packaging in particular is primarily associated with pollution and environmental damage. However, hardly any other material offers such good opportunities when it comes to closing cycles with recycling. Packaging also provides a benefit: It protects goods - especially in the food sector, it extends shelf life and helps to reduce food waste. 

Strict regulations
In the food sector in particular, very strict regulations apply to packaging in order to protect both the product and the consumer. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard) ensure product safety. This makes it all the more important to communicate these standards. SKZ supports companies along the value chain in applying these concepts to their specific products and processes.

Courses take place in a modern infrastructure
With modern course concepts and a high practical component, participants in SKZ training courses learn about the necessary requirements and the state of the art available today. The courses take place in the modern infrastructure of the SKZ Training Center for Quality Management (TZQ) - an excellent opportunity to experience the learning content in a clear and practical way. Participants also receive a wealth of important information on how to implement what they have learned in their own companies.

Extensive experience in the food packaging industry
Ulrich Röhr brings many years of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food packaging industries. He combines this with his own practical experience as an auditor and product manager in the field of food packaging certification. As an official training partner of BRCGS (ATP), he knows how to convey the contents of food and product safety in practical and up-to-date training courses. Since last year, Ulrich Röhr has also been holding courses and in-house trainings at SKZ.

Helping to build up the course business
"I am glad that we have experts like Mr. Röhr in our network and that we can also offer courses for the food packaging sector with his support," says Christoph Kreutz, Head of TZQ at SKZ in Würzburg. "Mr. Röhr has made a significant contribution to the development of this course business and therefore deserves the award as Premium Partner Education"

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